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Karaoke has become a favorite amongst all age groups ,although the ones that may know the least about it are the seniors. Yet in a sense they know more about it then the younger ones. Years ago this golden age group, were in the habit of getting to together at a party or a club and singing all the old war songs and songs they grew up with. The only thing really missing was the machine.

With the birth of karaoke came the birth of a lot of self confidence. People that normally would be too shy to get up and sing before a crowd, seem to find it much easier if others are going to do it as well





1 Karaoke



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Justin Flynn

Keep in mind our time is not free even though it shows $0.00 we must be booked with a package or an event.

So a little about me let's see been a DJ for 15+ years have dj all kinds of events from weddings, clubs, christian concerts, and much more. I am a father of 3 beautiful children with a gorgeous wife that also works with me in our other businesses. Im the Co Owner of not only Elite Events Entertainment but also other businesses such as, Kids Bouncy Things,, and So with that said I would love to entertain your crowd attached is just a few events I have done along with very Kid friendly events.